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Everybody wants to design an impressive and modern house, keeping all the areas in mind. One you might want to add the latest furniture or the best type of sanitary fittings in the house to achieve the house of your dreams. One extremely important part of your house is your backyard. It is the place where you can sit and relax for most of your day. Speaking of this, you can decorate it in so many ways, by adding cobblestone to the pathway, or any other material to enhance the beauty.
The entry path of your house is something a lot of people notice, at first sight, sometimes it is also what your guests might never be able to forget. It should make amazing first impressions so that people will ask you about what materials you used, and how you designed it. A house should be welcoming and attractive for the guests who are visiting. And you do not have to do much, the entry itself can be designed in such a way that it will be visually appealing to the guests. It can also direct at the overall aesthetics of your house, and a sneak peek of what’s next to come.
Although there are so many materials, and a billion design inspiration to choose from, one always wonders which material is the best for such purposes? The answer is cobblestone. Cobblestones look extremely natural and timeless in appearance. There are so many types you can choose from, like quartz, limestone or granite cobblestones. These are smaller in size and are resistant to slipping. There are so many shapes you can choose from for your garden or entry pathway. Similarly, they are made in a way that gives a European look to your house.
Designing Cobblestone Pavers
Before you start with buying your materials, make sure you know the requirements needed to install the pavers around your house. These stones can be heavy, so make sure you have some help to adjust them. Based on the alignments, you can adjust your pavers in 4 ways to make them look unique: pinwheel and herringbone formation, need more cutting to adjust them around. Running bond and jack on the jack is easy to fix in, as they do not need any adjustments.
If you want to add any heavier objects like a barbeque grill, then you need to use heavier weight cobblestones for that. Your backyard should be big enough so that you can add pavers and all your required items. Following are the ways you can design your pavers for your home or backyard:
1.Choose different patterns
There are so many ways in which you adjust and install your cobblestone pavers. Depending upon the design and patterns that you need, you can trim your stones and adjust them. Whether it is a circular shape, or simply just using a grid pattern, you can choose to do anything. If you are installing yourself, try to choose a pattern that is simple like straight lines or in grids, as it will not need any trims.

1.Add it to your pathways
If you have a big backyard, you can make a narrow pathway that leads towards your backyard, and you can line it with cobblestones. It will give a very artistic and natural touch to your yard. Mainly if you live somewhere near the woods, this gives a very earthy feel as cobblestones look very appealing. You can also add some ornaments, flowers or statues along the way. It will just enhance the beauty of the pathway.

2.Design it on the stairway
Most of the houses that are located near hills or in the woods often have a slope or inclination near them. For such places, you can choose to create stairs made out of cobblestones. Not only that, you can add it on the steps or maybe on the sides of the stairs too. It will give an earthy feeling to the stairs. This is also a great idea since cobblestones are slip-resistant; therefore they are safer to be used on stairs or any slopes. Use simple modern square shapes to be installed on the stairs.

1.Make a Central Barbeque location
Most people like to have barbeques and live parties in their backyards. For such moments, you can design your backyard in a way so that you can easily use it. For example, you can make a particular area for the barbeque, where you can use cobblestone in a subtle circular manner. It will give a beautiful and modern feel to your gatherings, and also looks very natural. Since you will be using heavier objects, therefore make sure that you have used proper lining on that particular surface so that the paver does not get damaged easily.

3.Add more angles
Who said you have to add your pavers in a straight line? You can give in any angle for it to become more appealing. You can add a twist of a 45 degree or even a 90-degree angle. This will automatically translate into a new pattern, without even having to cut your stones or fix them. Also installing at such angles is a good idea, especially for people who are doing all the hard work by themselves. These angles can add a lot of beauty and appeal to your house and your pathways.

1.Use borders
You can add borders or lines of different colors of cobblestones. Who says you have to use the grey color only? The edge adds a unique touch to your pathway design. You can even add it on the sides of your pathway or entry, or also add it on the sidelines of your stairs. Not just one, you can add double or maybe even triple bands to the design to make it look something very unique. Especially for large areas, the borders might work even better not just to cover the city but to make it look unique.

4.Play with Accent colors
Mostly we see a lot of grey and dull colors, but you can add many other colors according to your taste. For example, you can add a band of red or dark blue shade or even use some earthy tones. Using different colors as a border around the accent colors will add a frame to the whole pavers. Choosing a mixed color will look more appealing, which you can also mix and match with different textures, patterns, and even angles. Changing colors will add more depth to your house project than just using the basic ones.
Conclusively, it is apparent that homes need a lot of effort for their decorations whether it is the inside of the house or entry pathways. Appealing or innovative entries to the homes bring additional positivity in the lives of the residents of the house as well as guests. Hence, a certain amount of effort in making entries better will serve you the long way.
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