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Uses of Peat moss

The dark brown fibrous material you may have seen in your garden or a nursery, is Peat moss. It is a versatile material used in gardens. It consists of decomposed organic matter including sphagnum moss. It is the solution to make your garden more productive than before.

It retains water and thus is a helpful agent for plant growth. It is clean, sterile, acidic and non-compact.

Peat moss has important characteristics that make it incredibly useful. Some of its uses are listed below.

o Peat moss is an ingredient of potting soil. Potting soil is a mixture of organic matter like peat moss, coconut coir, compost, perlite and sometimes even sand. It helps in water retention, aeration and drainage.

o It can be used in amending soil. If peat moss is added to dry soil, it increases its absorption. It enhances the drainage capability and reduces the compaction in clay soil. If a soil is alkaline, it can be reduced to neutral by the addition of peat moss.

o It is used to germinate seeds. Damping-off is reduced by the sterile nature of peat moss.

o It is also popular in hydroponic because its sterile, high cation exchange capacity, water retention and draining ability.

o It comes in handy when plants are to be transplanted. When a tree has to be moved to another location, it cannot be ensured that the soil already present there is ideal for plant growth. So, peat moss will aid healthy plant growth when you re-plant a tree.

o A compost pile can be build so the plants can be fertilized. Peat decomposes more slowly than other organic matter. It guarantees nutrient content in the soil for a long time.

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o It improves soil texture by breaking down.

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o Shippers who transport live aquatic animals use it as a seedbed cover.

Peat moss’s strong qualities have made it a significant part of the horticulture industry over the years. It’s ideal to apply a least 1 to 3 inches which should be worked to around 6 inches deep. It is proven to increase soil moisture, acidity and porosity.
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