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Resurge Pills The researchers conducted a study on red pepper at the Oxford Institute of Technology in Britain, where they measured the rate of metabolism among obese people who used a balanced diet, adding to their food a teaspoon of red pepper powder as well as a teaspoon of mustard powder for each meal where the study showed that the people who were added to Their food, red pepper and mustard, increased their metabolism rate by 25%. Accordingly, they said if you want to lose weight, you must add red pepper and mustard to your daily meals. Chickweed This plant is famous for its popularity as a weight loss material and it is scientifically known as (Stellaria Media). This plant is eaten raw with the authorities, and some boil it or boil it and eat it after boiling, just like any vegetables. It is home to Europe and Asia and is found today in most regions of the world. It contains tetrasulfic soaps, coumarins, flavonoids, carboxylic acids and vitamin C. Evening Primrose is a two-year-old herb, no more than 20 cm high, that is native to North America. The used part of the plant is the leaves and seed oil. The seeds contain a fixed oil rich in essential fatty acids. The leaves of this plant or the seed oil are used for weight loss.
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