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Spring Cleaning - A Simple Routine

The spring clean can be horrible experience unless you make sure you are prepared.

Advance Preparations
1. Arrange for any necessary painting or decorating to be done.
2. Examine all furniture and fittings and have any repairs carried out.
3. Have any chimneys swept early.
4. Turn out clapboards and drawers.
5. Wash extra blankets (or have them dry-cleaned and put them away; those in use can be dealt with later.
6. Loose covers and curtains should be washed or cleaned, so as to be ready in good time.
7. See that all cleaning equipment is in good working order and that a plentiful supply of polishes, detergents, etc., is available.

General Cleaning Routine for All Rooms
1. Take down curtains and pelmets.
2. Remove ornaments, books and pictures.
3. Clean carpets and rugs thoroughly on both sides with the vacuum cleaner. Attend to any special stains, then if practical roll up the carpets, take them out-of-doors and spread them wrong side uppermost on the lawn.
4. Use the attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean upholstered furniture, cushions, furnishings and hangings. As soon as each removable item is clean, place it outside the room or out-of-doors. Cover the remaining furniture and fittings with dust sheets.
5. Dust wails, ceilings, high ledges etc., with the vacuum cleaner attachment or with a clean duster tied over a mop head.
6. After all loose dust has been removed from furniture and fittings, sweep the floor. Clean the hearth, etc.
7. Clean paintwork with warm soapy water or detergent, using a mild abrasive cleanser for obstinate marks. Start with the picture rail and follow with doors and windows. Washable walls can be dealt with after the woodwork.
8. Scrub the floor adding a little disinfectant to the water. Open doors and windows so that the floor may dry more quickly; leave to dry.
9. During the interval, clean china, pictures, metal ornaments, etc.
10. Clean the windows.
11. Polish the floor when dry.
12. Replace the carpet.
13. Polish the furniture.
14. Replace the clean curtains, pictures, books, ornaments, etc.

And you now have a lovely clean home. Perfect.
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