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How to write a short joke that rocks?

Jokes are the best way to make friends and those around you laugh. Some people even use it as an icebreaker in certain situations to grab the attention of their audience or take the coffee break at work to break out the joke of the day. Some studies have also claimed that laughing at a good joke reduces stress problems and tension. The jokes also reveal the personality of some people, there are those who tell jokes to overcome their shyness and lack of self-confidence. However, to make the audience laugh, the joke must be original, understandable and short. Its not always easy. So how do you go about inventing ashort joke that rocks?

1— Determine the subject of the joke
The best jokes (the best jokes) have been written with material that interests the audience. A good shit joke should have a real topic, and this one should be chosen with care. To find the best joke topics, you can take inspiration from the jokes that interest your friends and colleagues. It is important to select a few joke topics that will suit different types of audiences and different situations. A joke to impress a strangerwill be different from the one created to make the whole family laugh. To be more successful, it is essential to create an adjustable joke according to your audience. This way your joke can be understood by different profiles of people. The most important thing is to create a good bad joke that makes people laugh, but doesn't hurt anyone as well in the context as in the content. If the inspiration is not there, get your ideas from the news that make the buzz or from an experience you have had that ultimately made you laugh. These resources allow you to create a list of jokesfunny ones suitable for different types of audience. You can also take inspiration from the shows of great actors to find out how they keep their audience. The blunders of peoples or political figures can also be a good joke. Everyone loves gossip, this is your chance to create a list of hilarious jokes that don't offend anyone. The most important thing to keep in mind before writing your short joke is to avoid all offensive and controversial topics. Despite the fact that they can be very successful, they should be avoided to avoid litigation. Jokes that talk about racismor religion are to be avoided from your jokes. Everyone has their own way of interpreting your words, even if these can fit in a family circle. Forget it if you feel your joke might knock someone down. Your joke should be neutral, without controversy. The ideal is for it to be more personal jokes for him.

2— Write your short jokes
A good joke should be well structured. You have the choice between traditional techniques, jokes and history or even the joke to fall. Comedian BJ Novak often uses jokes. He incorporates surprise and puns into his jokes. Story templates are best suited for short jokes or funny quotes, as Coluche brilliantly did. A good jokealso contains a fall. In addition to the element of surprise, it is also possible to introduce irony or assumptions. This forces you to use fewer words, reduce unnecessary details and overly long sentences. The joke should only be one line to catch the audience's breath. The funniest part will be towards the end with the puns. The more you apply a notion of exaggeration, the more you will get your audience read. Don't forget to include tags as well. These will create more drops, to make your joke even more hilarious. Tags also allow you to make people laugh without having to find other launch topics. Tags can be implanted into the story to create more hype in the joke.

Once you've written the joke, don't tell your audience right away. You must prepare to tell it by practicing. The intonations, the gestures can have an impact on the way in which the audience perceives it. A good joke is one that makes you laugh before it makes others laugh. Your audience will be able to easily share your joke when you tell it naturally and without hesitation and have convinced yourself that it is hilarious. Short jokes are very effective in public. The funny stories can also work well, but only if you are a specialist.
3— Tell the joke
The best jokes are those that take into account the profile of their audience. Thus, you must collect all the information about your audience as well as the circumstances in which it will be told. This will allow your audience to better understand and appreciate it. It will also allow you to assess whether the joke you wrote is offensive or not. Maybe you wrote it innocently, but it can hurt some people. As you tell your joke, you also need to add gestures to it. You will find some of these gestures in our selection of funny pictures. This reinforces the hilarious effect. The facial expressions are as expressive as possible. It will bring more exaggeration into your words. You have to know how to improvise in certain situations, add other lines to them to make your audience laugh at your joke. If you feel like this one doesn't make him laugh, you should either create a joke list about the failure or change the subject altogether. That doesn't mean the one you planned to tell is to be thrown in the trash. You just have to rework it for the other circumstances. You should not be discouraged and keep in mind that even the big jokersalso took a few rakes with some of their jokes. You have to keep in mind that each member of your audience has their own way of seeing things. Some people can easily laugh at your jokes, some may not. You can be proud of yourself if you already manage to make them laugh.
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