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salt chlorinator

A salt chlorinator makes hypochlorous acid (HClO) by using table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) and electrolysis. ... Using electrolysis, dissolved salt is converted into hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hypochlorite, the sanitizing agents used to rid the water of dirt and bacteria.
A salt water system provides clear water, has a lower annual cost, has no chlorine smell, and is gentle on skin and eyes. However, it costs more advance than normal chlorine and it's higher to replace parts.
Since salt remains in the water and does not evaporate, only minor salt adjustments are needed in cases of mixture from heavy rains or loss of water due to a high bather load and lots of displaying. The power supply display will indicate any issues with salt and chlorine levels, and also allows “super chlorination” which is the similar of appalling the pool.
There are a number of benefits that come with using salt chlorinators. First, they create a gentler form of chlorine which is non-irritating and does not smell like bleach. Second, gone is the problem of handling and storing chlorine. Third, the milder sanitizer these systems produce is healthier and helps limit exposure to the less sensible components of chlorine. If all of that sounds appealing to you – and you have the budget – a salt chlorinator is a good choice.
Salt Chlorine Generators are also known as salt water chlorinator , salt chlorinators, or salt generators. These generators are increasing in popularity because of how environmentally friendly they are, how soft they are on the eyes and skin, and the need of less pool chemicals to maintain your pool clean. There is, however, a misconception that salt chlorinators create a chlorine-free pool. The truth is that chlorine generators dissolve salts that creates chlorine in order to keep the pool sanitized, free of bacteria, and algae-free.

How Long Do Salt Chlorinators Last?
Like any electronic device, salt chlorinators do not last forever. They also do require some maintenance here and there. After a couple of years, you might need to replace them. Salt chlorinators can last between 3-7 years. Higher priced salt chlorinators generally last longer. Other ways to increase your salt generators life is by using the proper salt and maintaining it well. A malfunctioning salt chlorine generator can rapidly become a homeowner’s nightmare.
Types of chlorinator:
1. Naked Chlorinators
2. Astral | Hurlcon Chlorinators
3. Profacture Chlorinators
4. Magna Chlorinators
5. Davey Chlorinators
6. Magna Chlor Chlorinator
Types of salt chlorinator:
Astral VX Salt Chlorinator:
• Easy to use control system
• Available with or without time clock
• Self-cleaning
• Accurate level of chlorine is added as required.
Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Over dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine order. The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool. With the convenience of a touch pad the level of output can be adjusted and operating hours can be preset. With the self-cleaning ability the VX Salt Chlorinator is perfect for any pool and spa combination
Helps eliminate skin irritations, red eyes, and protects your Pool and Spa equipment.
Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.
Built in Bluetooth® control with your iOS and Android smartphone. (Bluetooth control only available on selected models.)
Magna Chlor Chlorinator:
Magna-Chlor Self Cleaning Chlorinator. Now with reverse polarity to reduce your Magna-Chlor Self Cleaning Chlorinator 25 AMP. With reverse polarity to reduce cell maintenance and variable chlorine output control cell maintenance and variable chlorine output control.
The high performance salt chlorination system produces crystal clear pool water. It is safe, clean and is ideal for people with eye, ear and skin allergies when using normal chlorine. At only 1/7th the saltness of sea water, the pool water has a soft feel which is ideal for people suffering from these problems. The salt chlorinators carry a 3 year warranty when installed on a household swimming pool. The ideal salt solution in the pool for these chlorinators is 5000ppm. Chlorinator should be run – summer (6-12hrs), autumn (4-6hrs), winter (2-4hrs). Low running costs from 1-3¢ (cents) an hour depending on the model chosen.
• An electronic recognize switch.
• Variable chlorine output control.
• Circuit breaker overload protection.
• Automatic overload, protects power supply from over salting.
• Automatic low salt warning light flashes if salt falls below the correct level.
• The salt cell is very efficient and reachable when maintenance is required.
• Computerized automatic control & display system.
• New, clear, rectangular cell housing, with plated electrodes.
Davey AquaReviva:
• New high performance reverse polarity in-line cell with safety flow switch
• Zeist digital timer for quick and simple set-up
• User-friendly settings and controls
• Safe automatic pool sanitizing using natural minerals
• Easy automation of your pool’s filtration system
• Compact enclosure and cell housing made with corrosion resistant, UV stabilized materials for long service life
• Natural flocking agent that creates a highly crystal clear pool and spa
• Barrel union connections for easy installation
• Proven technology and outstanding reliability
• Operating Salt Level: 4,500 – 6,000ppm
• Models to suit pools and spas from 5,000 to 130,000 liters
Profacture ChloroMate:
Australia has a harsh climate, a chlorinators built to withstand these conditions will last a lifetime. ChloroMate Salt water Systems are built for Australian conditions.
• No handling or storing of chlorine
• Environmentally friendly
• Fully automatic, safe and simple to use
• Non irritating to skin and eyes
• Sparkling clear pool water
• Mild salt water has therapeutic benefits
• Suitable for all pool surfaces
Standard Features
• High flow rate cell
• Cell output LED indicators
• Polarity Indicator
• Water flow detector
• PCB controlled system protection
• Premium quality weather proof cabinet
• Advanced reliable electronic technology
• Premium quality self-cleaning cell electrode
• Easy quartz time clock with battery backup.
pool chlorinator is a device that is attached to the pool filtration system and releases chlorine or other pool cleaners automatically into the water; it just needs to be filled with the cleaner manually, and it does the rest. The chlorine feeder is attached to the pool filter and filled with a cleaner, such as chlorine sticks or tablets. The chlorinator is then set to inject chlorine at the rate and level desired.
Also called a pool chlorinator, automatic chlorinator, or automatic pool chlorinator, it’s a piece of equipment that automatically dispenses chlorine into your pool.
Using liquid chlorine or granules requires you to measure the chemical, pour into the water, and then wait for it to be evenly distributed throughout the pool.
With a chlorinator, you can set it to dispense chlorine at a specific rate dependent upon your pool’s volume, and it will automatically keep the water chlorinated at a consistent rate. Then you can forget about it, at least for a while, until it’s time to add more chlorine.
But you won’t need to add chlorine to a pool chlorinator as often as you’d need to add liquid chlorine, so it does take quite a bit of the work out of sanitizing your pool.
One of the best things about an automatic chlorinator is that it doesn’t take up any space in your pool the way a floating dispenser does.
Some automatic pool chlorinators can be used with both in ground and above ground pools, while other models are specific to one or the other.
Inline Pool Chlorinator:
The chlorinator is connected directly to the filtration system, usually at the end of it, just before the water is returned to the pool. This helps protect pool equipment from corrosion since the water that exits the pool and enters the filter it isn’t as strongly chlorinated as the water that enters the pool.
Offline Pool Chlorinator
It may be that you don’t have the space to add a chlorinator at the end of the filtration system, but you do have space beside it. You can connect the chlorinator to the filtration system, bypassing the rest of the equipment.
What Type of Chlorine to Use in a Pool Chlorinator?
This one’s easy. It is most likely any chlorinator you get will use chlorine tablets. They last longer than liquid or particle, giving you more time between chemical additions.
What Type of Pool Chlorinator Should I Use?
Chlorine – your pool needs it but what’s the best way to get it into the water? While you can add your sanitizer manually, many pool owners prefer to automate the process and not handle chlorine any more than necessary. If you fall into that camp, you’re in good company and you have options. We’ll start with the very basic and end up at the bells and whistles.
Floating Chlorinators
The floating chlorine dispenser is the simplest of all, a plastic vessel that holds about three pounds of 1″ or 3″ chlorine tablets. You load it up with tabs, put the cap back on and chuck it in the pool. Water passes through, slowly dissolving the tablets, while the dispenser continually floats about, dispersing the chlorine.
Floating chlorinators are cheap and easily replaceable however they offer no control over the amount of sanitizer dispensed. If you are looking for quick and easy with no technology, this might be your best option.
I went to my local pool shop recently and the woman who works there tells me I need some salt. I look at the price, and it is $14 per bag, whereas at the time Bunnings was having a sale for $6 per bag.
I say to her "Geez, why would I buy salt here when it is less than half price at Bunnings?"
She rolled her eyes and tells me that Bunnings uses "dirty salt" and that she has had customers who used Bunnings salt and had brown marks over the bottom of the pool. She reckons that one customer of hers had to drain her entire pool after using Bunnings salt, and get it scrubbed and re-filled.
I told her that I was surprised never to have heard of this, and that I would have thought that if there was an issue with Bunnings salt that it would have been made public.
She assures me that "she knows pools" and that her salt "is clean enough to put on your fish and chips".
I told her I was buying the Bunnings salt anyway, and she advises me to add plenty of extra cholorine, and brush the salt well into the water so that it doesn't sit at the bottom (which I do whenever I add salt anyway).
Anyway, as I left I told her I would pose the question at a public forum to ask about Bunnings "dirty salt" and see whether anyone else has had problems with it leaving brown stains.
bunnings pool salt which is the same salt that the pool companies put into your pool on installation. It is the same salt that most visiting pool technicians would put into your pools when required. Aren't pool shop staff like car sales people you have the car now you need this and that and they charge double of that you can get elsewhere?
Also the price that Bunnings are selling it is the same price it lands at pool manufacturers. Unless the pool shop buys a pallet or 2 they would be paying a premium so they need to charge $14 a bag and scare monger you to get a sale.
Our online store providing you all the necessary equipment you need so just visit the link below and place you order we have latest technology equipment and pool salt, So visit our website below.
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