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Ifluidtec Chinese Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Supplier

As a stainless steel mixing tank supplier with years of manufacturing and installation experience, Ifluidtec is your premier supplier for such projects. The mixing tanks are mainly made of stainless steel material as 304 and 316L, so as be qualified to use in industries such as food, nutrients, daily healthcare, water treatment, wine, beer, beverage and pharmaceutical. Stainless steel mixing tanks meet GMP and FDA requirement and ASME certificates also available for high-class clients. Check out more here

The company’s equipment covers many types, to sum as a few:
Stainless steel mixing tank
Stainless steel Stirring tank
Vacuum Homogenizing tank vessel
Steam tank vessel
Aseptic sterile process tank
Magnetic stirring tank
Filters, pipes and valves
CBD oil extraction machine
Strict Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturing
The manufactured pharmaceutical tanks strictly follow cleanness design which is calculated via computer. Simulate the CIP spray ball cleaning within the tank to make sure no dead angle existing, and less cleaning solvent is required. Tank crafting tools and production data to make sure stainless steel tank quality meets the top notch.Herbal extraction machine manufacturer and supplier

What is Ifluidtec tank crafting control?
They adopt automatic welding like MIG/TIG welding; generate automatic welding records and quality control and testing data for QA. The welding room is temperature, humidity as well as dust controlled to provide a better environment for workers. Raw material is well inspected before handover to process in the aspects of material properties, thickness, not scratched and etc.

Stainless Steel Manufacture Standards
Manufacturing conforms to GB150-2011 the national pressure vessel standard of China.
Welding conforms to NB/T 47003.1-2009 steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel standard of China.
Outside of China, extra certificate such as ASME, CE are available upon request CBD oil extraction machine

Tank Manufacture Material
Inner liner contacting material: 304/316L optional
Insulation: PU or rock wool (to insulate inside/outside heat transfer)
Cladding/outer layer: 304
Surface Finish: Inside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle is mirror well-polished to 0. 3μm.Outside tank/vessel/reactor/kettle can be mirror polish, matte polish.

Ifluidtec is capable of project initiation
For most projects, it is not a single tank or a bunch of separated tanks. In most cases, clients are looking for a production line supplier who is able to connect each independent equipment into interactive working. It starts with basic project plan information collection such as project size, factory general layout, factory working area blueprint, production workflow, material balance calculation, energy change calculation, equipment design, model finalization, budgeting plan and other detail.

In a raw material production line consists of many industrial equipment and devices. The connection of them, installation, testing and debugging is crucial. Those configurations /accessories differ in each project includes sanitary valves (ball valve, butterfly valves, safety valves, regulation valves, diaphragm valves to be chosen as per materials); filters (air filter, liquid filter, grain filter); gauges and meters (vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, flowmeter, PH tester and etc.) Sight glasses view port (regular, pressured type, with led light type)
manhole and hand hole, CIP cleaning ball (180°, 360° rotating spray clean) thermometer (mechanical pin type or digital type).

As a professional supplier in such matters, ifluidtec can save buyers so much energy and time from sourcing. It is a one-stop solution provider for engineering and project companies.
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