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Triggers can fire before or after originate, updating, or deleting records. they will also fire after undeleting records. Workflow rules don’t leave branching logic and may only perform five different actions, and a few of them only during a limited way. Process Builder allows a couple of more actions, and a few very simple logic. But Triggers are only limited by what you'll neutralize Apex triggers . they permit for loops and sophisticated logic and permit you to require almost any action that Salesforce is capable of taking.

ApexTriggers are Faster
Flows in Salesforce are capable of performing actions nearly as complex as people who are often done by Triggers. And while Flows could also be capable enough for any automation you would possibly need, there are reasons for avoiding overly complicated Flows. First, Flows will accomplish more slowly and use more CPU time than Apex Triggers performing an equivalent task. If you bulk-create or bulk-update records which will launch a posh Flow, you'll even get a mistake that the Apex trigger deadline was exceeded. A well Apex Trigger would resolve this problem.
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