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Phoenix is possibly the most crude of this bunch

Phoenix is possibly the most crude of this bunch, but also very lethal. He's got an attack which whirls forwards you have to dodge, otherwise you turn into a pancake. In addition, he has an insanely strong fire explosion that he charges up for before discharging, so steer clear of that. You'll probably want to clear them all at some stage.

Minotaur is the last of the guardians. He isn't necessarily the toughest, but he can require the most equipment. Every other protector has a lot of stuff to dodge or perform around, but not Minotaur. His strongest attack is a burrow. If you get too far away from him he'll go underground and burrow towards you. It will kill nearly anyone it hits. Because of this, your best bet will be essentially just standing in front of him and taking his strikes. It is more of a equipment check than anything. But you should proceed when he slams the floor and produces a circle of falling stones; you don't want to stand at that.

The first thing that you'll need to decide after launching Path of Exile is which league to join. Leagues would be the world instance that your character goes to, with a challenge league being a temporary instance that's generally introduced with a new upgrade. There's frequently a challenge league available, with the present one being Harbinger, while you can also choose to play a Hardcore variant of either the challenge league or Standard.

Do not opt to begin a hardcore character if this is the first time playing with. While you won't lose your personality as if you want in additional Path of Exile matches that use permadeath, you may have to start a new character if you would like to continue in that league. Take time to learn the Path of Exile match in the typical league or the present
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