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Best Design Tips: Overcome Your Creative Block

Being creative artist things like the creative block is experienced occasionally. Whether you are a graphic designer or a creative writer, you can experience a state where you feel that your creative skills got blocked. They get covered in a mist. You know you have a better idea or a good plan to go with yet you feel totally consumed and drained to think hard. This is what happen when you put a lot of pressure on yourself and put yourself out of your comfort zone too often. The best remedy to overcome such a state is by finding a distraction. If you like, you can go on a short walk around the park. Get some fresh air rejuvenates you from inside out or listen to some good music to revive your energy. Playing with a dog or a kid can also help you with that. When I used to get tired of using a tricky logo design software, I used to take my dog out on a walk. I used to set a duration as to how long will I be out and when I have to restart my project. That’s what I do. What do you do to distract yourself?
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