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Saudi Arabia "accidental thinking"the international community's call for a thorough investigation

The Saudi government's announcement that a Saudi journalist was killed accidentally in a struggle has sparked international backlash.

The international community has been pressing for a thorough investigation.

I'm an immigrant reporter.


In response to the Saudi government's announcement that Saudi journalist Jamal Kashkrit was murdered, U.S. President Trump expressed confidence, saying, "This is the first step, but it's a big step."

However, the Washington Post quoted a U.S. official as saying personally that Trump is suspicious of the Saudi government's announcement.안전놀이터

President Trump, who met with reporters at the site of an election campaign, also dropped his position on the Saudi government's measures.

[Dornald Trump/U.S. President] : "I am unhappy until I find an answer (with regard to Saudi government action). But it's a big first step. But I want to get an answer."

The Saudi government stressed that it would buy 125 trillion won in U.S. arms and create more than one million jobs.

Therefore, other measures can be taken instead of the arms contract cancellation.

Some Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia's ally, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, supported the announcement, but the eyes of Europe and international organizations are cold.

German Chancellor Merkel called for the government's transparency over the incident and German Foreign Minister has indicated a moratorium on arms exports to Saudi Arabia.

Britain and France have called for the punishment of the authorities in question, while the European Union and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres have again called for thorough investigation right after the announcement.

This is KBS news emigration.
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