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Mr. Moon, a special order to "notify the public" on a series of private fraud cases

Moon Jae-in, the president on June 22, a series of fraud and impersonating the president or a Cheong Wa Dae official after receiving reports, " I can't possibly understand a ridiculous things.There was "and" people to inform on your back, like a book special collections.

After receiving the report from senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, President Moon asked the president, relatives and Cheong Wa Dae officials to report the money, thinking it was fraud, Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-gye said in a briefing.

"The victims were often swindled with as much as 400 million won, but the president instructed them to do so in consideration of the severity of the problem.

In this regard, a trillion, " Cheong Wa Dae is not involved in this case at all and the government's Moon Jae-in, in the future of abstract the spring breeze to prevent any violation cases, too.Posture will maintain a strict work discipline _ some "saying" if the tort in disciplinary and investigation of any status irrespective if the request, such as decisive.Action is taken to. ''스포츠토토사이트

"If a person in an important position of Cheong Wa Dae is involved in fraud, this is a serious incident that undermines the credibility of state administration," he said.

From December last year to January this year, a six-time criminal, obtained hundreds of millions of won from victims who received fake text messages in the name of President Moon.

Another six-time criminal, including fraud, approached the victim in December last year and knew the president's chief of staff Lim Jong-seok 15 years ago. Lim Jong-seok asked for 30 million won on condition that his mother be pardoned.'

In September and October, C lied about the government's support, recruited large-scale investors, and asked Lim to investigate the case.

D said to the two victims in February, 'I worked as senior presidential secretary for political affairs Han Byung-do, who was authorized to purchase a resort worth 80 billion won from the Veterans Association for 28 billion won. We will get 35 billion won in loans, but if we give 400 million won in loans, we will give 1.3 billion won."

Two people, including E, lied to the victims in May and August of last year, "Singapore capitalists deposited 6 trillion won to establish a foundation.

From February 2014 to March this year, F, who had seven previous convictions including fraud, forged a Cheong Wa Dae pass and went to the presidential office to receive a job placement agency of 150 million won.
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