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Are you going to thank me?"…National Assembly's demand for inspection by private kindergarten and

The National Assembly`s audit of the National Assembly`s Legislation and Judiciary Committee drew calls for an audit of recent corruption cases, including private kindergartens and public institutions.

Rep. Baek Hye-ryeon of the Minjoo Party of Korea said at a parliamentary inspection session held at the audit center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Monday, "It is corruption of kindergartens that the public's interest is hot."


Earlier, Rep. Park Yong-jin of the Democratic Party disclosed the results of the private kindergarten audit and the list of kindergartens at the Education Ministry's parliamentary audit on Friday, and the ministry decided to hold a meeting on Monday.

In addition, the Education Ministry plans to announce the comprehensive measures to root out corruption in private kindergartens after holding a meeting with the government on Tuesday. The results of the inspection of kindergartens, which was held between 2013 and 2013, will also be released on the education office's website by Friday.

In response, Choi Jae-hyung, head of the Board of Audit and Inspection, said, "I will review the audit results of the education office if there is a need for an audit."

The National Assembly also mentioned whether to audit the corporation. Suspicions have been raised about the alleged irregularities in hiring relatives of the Seoul Metropolitan Transportation Corporation, a local public corporation under the authority of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the corruption of hiring and hiring of public institutions.

Rep. Lee Wan-young of the Liberty Korea Party asked, "There could be similar irregularities not only in the Seoul Transportation Authority but also in other local public corporations."

In response, Choi said, "In a situation where jobs are difficult to obtain, the issue should be corrected with the public's keen interest."

There was also a need to regularize audits of power agencies. The Board of Audit and Inspection includes the National Intelligence Service along with Cheong Wa Dae and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office as part of its audit of power-type organizations.

Rep. Baek Hye-ryeon pointed out that it was wrong for the Board of Audit and Inspection to fail to conduct a regular audit of power agencies, because it did not do its part to prevent the state-run farming scandal. Choi replied, "I will keep the gratitude period."

The Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) also asked for a public apology for the four major rivers and Choi said, "I will seriously consider what to apologize for."

When asked by Park Jie-won, a member of the Democratic Peace Party, what plans do you have for corruption of private kindergartens, Choi said, "We don't give the public the standard for the audit that will be conducted.

There were also issues of reporting of the president. As Choi, last August 17, Moon Jae-in fighter aircraft to the president (- x f) the audit selection, including about key audit report.

However, Rep. Jang Je-won of the Korean Party asserted that the president can conduct an interim inspection through a report, but the National Assembly cannot know. "I fully agree that there is significance or doubt," Choi said
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