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KEPCO KPS... 11 children of executives and employees, non-regular workers this year → Switch to re

It has been confirmed that 11 of the employees who joined KEPCO KPS, a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corp., as temporary workers, have been converted into regular workers this year. In particular, the company found that the percentage of full-time employees' relatives who are related to executives and employees has nearly doubled over the past decade, raising concerns over the "employment tax" issue, starting with the Korea Transportation Authority.

According to the current 240-year-old permanent position of Park Maeng-woo, a member of the National Assembly's Industrial Commodity and Small and Medium Venture Business Committee, on April 21 this year. Eight of them were members of the union. All of them have been employed since 2014 and three have not been confirmed or have been hired by the public schools. "The relatives of employees who have already retired have not been counted," a KPS official said. KEPCO KPS is a state-run company that is in charge of repairing power plants, such as nuclear power and power plants, with an average annual salary of 7.86 million won.

According to the government`s guideline on converting non-regular workers from the public sector to regular workers in July last year, KEPCO KPS established a committee for reviewing the transition of regular workers in September of the same year. The committee is composed of four members including two labor union members, four outside committee members (two recommended by the Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Administration), one recommended company, and one recommended labor union. After two meetings, the commission decided to hire 256 full-time employees, excluding those who are already over 60 years old or have already finished their work, and those who are retired. The evaluation was conducted in five stages, including the evaluation of senior workers in the division, interview, personality test, physical examination, and identity investigation. As a result, 240 employees were turned into full-time workers this year.

According to the documents KPS sent to Rep. However, the gap is likely to widen if the scope of the survey is expanded to full-time and full-time employees, since only the relatives of the employees who were in office at the time of joining the company. The situation supports the argument that it is not a mere coincidence that more than 10 children of executives and employees are included in the list of regular workers.

Lee also raised suspicions of possible employment irregularities by quoting a report on fostering retirees at a parliamentary audit on the 11th. "When KPS hired irregular workers, it had to hire a wife or child of its employees, and after a certain time, it had to change jobs to arms contracts or regular workers," Lee said.
Rep. Park Meng-woo pointed out, "In the process of changing irregular positions, we need to thoroughly investigate whether labor unions and employees were involved in the hereditary succession process." Regarding this, KPS said, "The recruitment process is going through a fair process, and the suspicion of giving preferential treatment to the employees of our relatives is groundless."
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