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Not at YouTube, Hong Joon-pyo for convention ...Start the Nation Rebuilding Blacksmith

Free Korea on June 22, former Hong Joon-pyo, “Today, Freedom, and tv Hong Car register a domain. coke” and “proper Nation will rebuilding exercise”.Said.

"The Freedom Korea we are pushing for is aimed at becoming the centerpiece of conservatives and rightists in this country," he said.필리핀아바타배팅

Hong is actively engaged in political activities by launching the conservative policy forum Freedom Korea within this year and preparing the one-man YouTube Hongkola.

"I registered the domain of Freedom Korea and TV's Hongkola today," Hong said on his Facebook page.

He added, "The Freedom Korea that we are pushing for is a cornerstone of democracy and market forces in this country.

"We will take meaningful policy experts from all over the country and start making a grand general of Nation Building," said Hong. "I will exercise for the proper Nation Building."

Whose son Hong Joon-pyo said, " the troll the Left, using image manipulation ..."Mixing the Conservative Leader"

Hong, before the morning on his Facebook page said, " The lefties are Lee Myung-bak (The mb) can compete on the ideology and policy, I'm always lead to Hong Joon-pyo, Park Geun-hye since it is.To mobilize the troll, not a caricature image manipulation, image manipulation by right-wing political party leaders by use a dirty trick to drop the party's approval rating.Used, and “The party ideologies and policies, to go in.” he insisted.

"The more important task is to present the true values of conservatives and the right wing to the people rather than yield to the left's propaganda and propaganda," he stressed.
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    Sandra_V 7 days ago
    Wish you all the best to Mr. Hong the way he is involved in all political activities. I am sure he will do something really great for the rush my essays society. We just have to wait and need to give sometime to him as well to perform.
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