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How do I uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

The uninstallation and reinstallation of AOL Desktop Gold is easy and simplified process. Kindly follow below instructions to uninstall or reinstall AOL Desktop Gold from your system.
Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7 or 8
To uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from your system, use the uninstall program provided by Windows 7/8.1.For this; firstly click on the Windows icon. In case of Windows 8.1,Go on settings on right pane.
For Windows 7, in the right windowpane, click on Control Panel. For Windows 8, click on Control Panel under Settings.
Click on the item Uninstall a program under Programs.
Windows will provide the list of all programs that are installed on the system. Select the AOL Desktop Gold by clicking on it.
Click on Uninstall/Change at top.
In the next step, click on Yes to confirm the uninstall process.
Windows will now start the uninstallation process. After completion of uninstallation process, you will get a new status message box. Select OK to confirm the completion of AOL Desktop Gold un-installation process.
Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 10
Repair AOL Desktop Gold in Control Panel
To Repair AOL Desktop Gold, Go to Control Panel.
Select Programs, Go on Programs and Features and Select AOL Desktop Gold.
To fix the AOL Desktop Gold Software, click on Repair. If Repair is not available, Click on Change.
Follow the steps showing on the screen.
Remove AOL Desktop Gold in Settings
To completely remove AOL Desktop Gold from your device, Go to Start Button, then Go to Settings->Apps.
Select AOL Desktop Gold, then click on uninstall.
Follow the instructions showing on the screen.
Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold
To reinstall AOL Desktop Gold from your system, you must first uninstall it and then reinstall the program. Simply deleting shortcuts of AOL Desktop Gold or folders won't uninstall the same. Here's the steps need to follow in Windows.
Follow the steps mentioned above to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from your system.
Re-start your PC/Laptop, even if it’s not necessary to do the same.
Check whether AOL Desktop Gold has been completely uninstalled from the device. Verify that it must not be available under Start menu.
Install the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold available. Follow instructions under AOL Desktop Gold Download to download and install AOL Desktop Gold.
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