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Climate Change and Wildfires: The New Western Travesty

According to the FBI, 1,679 religious hate 춘천일본인출장샵 crimes were reported last 원주출장아가씨 year. 58.1% were anti-Jewish and 18.6% were anti-Muslim. I don’태백출장샵 t like to turn to the FBI for statistics, 속초콜걸 but I don’t know where else to turn for evidence of 홍천출장안마 crimes of this sort. The statistics might dampen my 영월오피걸 “holiday spirit” this time of year when I have often 평창출장만남 celebrated Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and Tết, 양구출장맛사지 the Vietnamese New Year, which I enjoyed in Hanoi for the first time twenty-years ago. I feel like I belong to the world and to all its religions, though I know that religions have brought violence and calamity, and though I was born into a secular Jewish family and grew up when Jews were excluded from country clubs and fraternities.
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