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Kum Tae Sub's "Easy Impact" vs. Son Hye-won "Sorry for Quoting the Gaja News...Apologize."

Amid allegations of real estate speculation in Mokpo, Rep. Sohn Hye-won, who defected from the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, clashed with Rep. Kum Tae-sup, who belonged to the same party. 동양야동
Sohn demanded an apology for Geum's remarks on the conflict.

Sohn refuted comments made on his situation by appearing on MBC's current affairs program "News Outsourcing" on Monday (Oct. 21) in a Facebook post.

"I am embarrassed because I think Sohn has a different idea about conflicts of interest, which he thinks is a public official's ethics," said Rep. Kum in a broadcast.

Pointing out that Sohn belonged to the National Assembly`s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, Kum said, We have our own interests and should not pursue policies.

In addition, the recent report showed that the copyright of the painting was problematic, and Sohn insisted that it was my work through planning and design, but he said that it should be purchased at the National Museum.

In response, Sohn refuted, "I think I just quoted the fake news, but I deeply regret it."

"Why didn't you check with me when someone who was in the same party said something sensitive that needs to be verified," he said.

In particular, Sohn said, "There has never been a problem with the right to vote." He explained that it was not "my work is my work through planning and design," but that it was his own work because he supported his craftsman.

Rep. Sohn also denied allegations that he had asked the National Museum to buy the plane, saying it was an unbearable item for me.

"Mr. Kum, even though we're not close friends, what kind of person did you see me?" Sohn said. "Do you really think I did this? You shouldn't just go out and say something you don't know.

"I will wait until the end of the week," he said. "I hope you find out again and apologize politely."
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