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You're making a note of "The Emperor's Training"? …Shim Suk-hee's attorney, "Understanding"

A report has been released that a message is circulating between the former coach of the Korea National University of Sports and the parents of the students who are saying that Shim Seok-hee, a member of the national short track team, has been trained as an emperor by Cho Jae-beom.

"We didn't know anything about the details of the message at the moment," said Lim Sang-hyuk, a lawyer for Sejong, a law firm that was in charge of Shim's defense, in a telephone interview with 동아 on Wednesday.

According to the Sunday Daily News, the writer of the circulating message said, "It seems that the media is unilaterally listening to Shim's story and killing his character (to former coach Cho)," adding, "This is causing a lot of damage to current players and parents."

"You were trained by Emperor Shim Seok-hee. (Jo) was so jealous of other players that we watched Shim Seok-hee's father's training. I'm angry about how he was sexually assaulted at a link and locker room," he said.

They also implicitly agreed on the issue of violence that is prevalent in the sports world," adding, "They all hit me with their helmet fists and ice hockey sticks in front of their parents' eyes. "You took the players to focus on improving their skills, and you took them as a sign of success."

The author also added that he disparages Yeo Joon-hyung, the leader of the Young Skating Union, who recently raised the issue of sexual violence in the skating community through the media as well as Shim.

"Yu Jun-hyung is also a group of losers," he said. "All Koreans know that playing the media is 100 percent true," he said. "Let's talk about the truth so that we don't lose sight of the existing students."

It is unclear in 온라인경마사이트what form the note is rotating. It is not possible to search the contents online.

"We will take legal action if it is aimed at obstructing the investigation, but I don't think mentioning the rumor in itself will help the case that is under investigation because it is not yet true," said a lawyer Lim.

"However, if malicious comments continue to spread, we will face charges of defamation," he added.
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