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For example, acute inflammation can cause diseases and conditions like sinusitis, a sore throat from a cold, acute bronchitis, etc. Inflammation can be chronic in response to unwanted toxins in the body like cigarette smoke or excess body fat. Opti Farms Keto This may extend from months to years that may lead to conditions such as rheumatoid gethritis, asthma and non-infectious conditions such as tuberculosis, peptic ulcer, hepatitis etc. What causes chronic inflammation?Stress: Stress causes activity in the brain that can lead to physical pain which may lead to inflammatory response in the body. So, people suffering from stress may experience inflammation.Poor diet: Some foods like simple sugars, high fructose corn syrup, refined flours, trans-fat-rich foods, processed meat, fried foods etc. Can trigger the inflammatory response in the body. So the consumption of these food items should be restricted.Unhealthy lifestyle: Consumption of alcohol, smoking, a sedentary life leading and overweight creates a stress in the body that triggers an inflammatory response. .For More Info :
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