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What are the major requirements to claim your prize bond?

Prize bond draw is held through a committee that is constituted with the aid of Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and open to the whole accepted public. Winning prize bonds are drawn through the Hand-operated draw machine which is operated with the aid of one-of-a-kind of adolescents in front of Committee contributors and common public attending the draw ceremony. Draw desktop is at the same time checked by using generic public before starting the draw.

How to Claim Prize Bond?

You need to have won a prize bond in the closing six years. Winning bond older than six years cannot claim at all.
The prize bond needs to not already claim over the draw date. One prize bond can win on a few draw dates and can be claimed maximum one time. In this condition you will have to fill, the declare from more than one times.

Stamped trouble date on your prize bond must be at least two months less than the draw date.
Only those prize bonds qualify for prize money, which have been bought at least two months before the respective draw.

How you can Claim Prize Bond in winning process?

The amount of Prize money up to Rs 1250/- can be claimed from the National Savings Center, branches of approved scheduled banks as well as any kind of branches of any State Bank of Pakistan's sector. Prize cash that is more than Rs. 1250/ has to be claim from the needed branches of State Bank of Pakistan's sector!

You would also need to photocopy of your CNIC (Computerized Identity Card), replica of the prize bond. The bond replica and unique need to be signed on the returned side. The picture photocopies size, and width should be same as the original.
You need to wait for your flip unhappy to put up the documents. You should have original Prize Bond, as well as CNIC copy, and also the prize Bond copies, plus the filled form. Just as after the needed verification through the team of workers you will be exceeded over the unique prize bond and so as its amount and also the series of the amount. If you consider the winning amount to be larger than the amount of Rs 18, 500/ the process of settlement of the claimed amount will take extra days.

Prize bond's winners prize would be around Rs. 10,000/ - are returned as in cash amount of Rs. 10,000/ - where above are retained, and their face cost is paid to the series of the claimant. Prize bond series of winning amount is subjected to be around 15% withholding tax.

Forms for Claiming Winning Prize Bonds:

There are four types of forms:
PB-1 Form for charge of prizes now not exceeding Rs.1, 000/- from Centres. You would possibly want this shape for claiming 3rd prize of Rs100 prize bond.
PB-23A Form for a fee of prizes exceeding Rs.10, 000/- from SBP.
PB-23B Form for price of prizes no longer exceeding Rs.10, 000/- from SBP (same PDO). PDO stands for Public Debt Offices. PDO gives away securities issued with the aid of Government of Pakistan with the passage of time to raise debts enacted by Public Debt Act, for the year 1944. It has been also expedient to somehow consolidate and even to amend the law that is completely referring to Government Securities issued by the Government.
PB-23C Form for payment of prizes not exceeding Rs.10, 000/- from SBP (other PDO).
So if you are holding a tag line of being a prize bond list winner, claim your prize bond right now!
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