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Find Out About Financial Consultants

Many people have difficulty managing the money they have now. A lot of income, as if quickly disappear without knowing where to go. Participate in investment, even get tricked due to deceived by profits that are always high profit or lack of knowledge in investing.

Well, therefore we will discuss this financial consulting service so that our customers have neatly arranged, and can even add side income. From his understanding, fortunately what, where we can look for it, and other things related to this service.

So, this is a Financial Consultant and everything.

What is a Financial Consultant or Financial Consultant is

Financial Consultant

As I discussed above, many people have difficulty managing their finances in the right way. Financial management is also not an easy matter. Moreover, there have been many blunders here and there. Then we need professional services, namely Financial Consultants.

In general, Financial Consultants are independent companies and professional institutions that help in making financial management, from financial planning and financial management. Anyway, just so you know, your income is suitable to be managed like anything, invested as it is in the market, so you are financially literate, and certainly financially free in your old age.
Certified Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner

In financial consultants, people who sell themselves to professionals must have a CFP or the abbreviation is a Certified Financial Planner. We must first see the person we will pay for this service, and this CFP can be the main reference. To be more trusted.

Or do you want to become a Financial Planner?

To be able to have CFP certification, you must attend various kinds of training and programs that prepare them to handle cases of financial problems for a person or company (client).

Holders of CFP certification, like other jobs, must carry out their duties with a predetermined code of ethics.

For the certification of this profession, there are institutions that hold it. The more detailed the Financial Planning Standards Board or abbreviated as FPSB, and is included as an international institution.
Aspects that a Financial Planner Must Have

Important aspects of financial planner

According to a financial planner, a Financial planner must have 4 aspects. What is that?

Education in Formal education in the field of personal financial planning. (Can be a graduate in Financial Management, Business & Finance, Business Administration, or Actuarial Science)
Have a minimum of 3 years providing financial advice to clients.
Pass the standard financial planning profession exam and be recognized and registered by the State.
Subject to the rules of professional codes that have been determined.

What are you doing?

Job Financial Planner

Basically, the task of the Financial Planner is how to maximize financial management that you have now to achieve finance in the future. Financially free.

For how it works, we (clients) meet with consultants and get acquainted and find out clear information about where we are and where we are going.

Then the consultant interviewed us about personal information, such as status, investment profile, employment, dependents and other benefits received from the company or personal income.

After that the consultant will arrange a timeline for our life goals.

We can draw conclusions from the timeline, such as how much money we have to save and what assets we can input into client investment portfolios for the short, medium and long term goals of the client can be achieved. Sarungan!
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